Reminder System & Results Policy

Our Doctors and Nurses may send you heath related reminders to enhance patient care
For example if you were to have a cervical screening test at the clinic, a reminder would be sent to you for a repeat cervical screening test when the next one is due (typically 5 years later)

The way we send reminders to patients is via text message to your mobile phone – using a service called ‘HotDoc’

  • The message you receive will not contain any clinical information, but rather a web link that requires you to answer a basic question regarding your identity – please don’t dismiss these messages as spam, or opt out of receiving them!
  • With the correct verification of your identity, the specifics of your health reminder will be revealed
  • You will then be given the opportunity to book an appointment with your regular doctor through your mobile phone

At times we may send important ‘Hotdoc’ messages requesting you to book an appointment to discuss abnormal test results – please don’t ignore such messages!


We have a 4 Cyte Pathology collection centre onsite which makes it super convenient for blood tests and other pathology samples.

  • No appointment needed, just a referral form from your GP
  • Open Monday – Wednesday from 9am – 12pm
  • Most Pathology services requested by our own doctors are bulk- and some other tests are not funded by Medicare
  • Patients must already have a referral slip from their doctor before tests can be done
  • Blood tests, ECGs, fasting tests, urine tests, breath tests

Click on the 4Cyte Pathology link ( for more information