Our Fees

Prahran Square Family Clinic is a private billing clinic. Our practice is committed to providing affordable healthcare and support to the Prahran area. Charging an out-of-pocket fee enables our practitioners to provide better quality care by spending more time with each patient and protected time for results follow-up.

As of the 1st November 2023 the Medicare rebate for a standard GP consultation will increase (20 cents/0.48%) to $41.40 (now $41.20). Our gap WILL NOT be increasing at this time.

Prahran Square Family Clinic is Children under 16 and blue-card pensioners will continue to receive a discounted $22.00 gap. Health care cards are not discounted.

If you have any concerns or queries please email info@prahransquarefc.com or call 7037 3955.

1. Standard consultations, face-to-face, telephone or video consultations

Appointment Type Standard Fee
Standard Fee
Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Brief (single issue, <6 minutes) $50.95 $55.95 ($37.00 gap) $18.95 $32.00
Standard (single issue, 6-20 minutes) $73.40 $78.40 ($37.00 gap) $41.40 $32.00
Long (multiple issues, up to 30 minutes) $122.10 $121.10 ($37.00 gap) $80.10 $42.00
Extended (multiple issues, over 40 minutes) $160.00 $165.00 ($37.00 gap) $118.00 $42.00
Antenatal Visits $83.90 $88.90 ($37.00 gap) $51.90 $32.00
Cervical Smears $122.10 $127.10 ($47.00 gap) $80.10 $32.00

2. After Hours Services – Saturdays after 1:00pm, Sunday and Public holiday consultation fees

Appointment Type Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Brief consultation (up to 15 mins) $90.90 $53.90 $37.00
Standard consultation (up to 30 mins) $139.45 $92.45 $47.00
Long consultation (over 40 mins) $176.65 $129.65 $47.00

3. Telephone Appointments

Appointment Type Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Brief consultation (up to 15 mins) $73.40 $41.40 $32.00

Please note: To be eligible for Medicare rebates for Telehealth appointments the following criteria will apply

  • been seen by a GP face to face at Prahran Square Family Clinic in the last 12 months
  • OR the patient is under 12 months
  • OR the patient is experiencing homelessness
  • OR the patient is actively quarantining with COVID 19

4. Mental Health Care Plans

Appointment Type Standard Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Mental Health Care Plan (30mins) $142.10 $100.20 $42.00
Mental Health Care Plan review (30mins) $120.95 $78.95 $42.00
Mental Health Consultation (20 mins) $120.95 $78.95 $42.00

5. Skin checks and minor procedures

Skin checks and excisions are charged as a combination of a consultation fee, part of the cost of consumables (eg dressings) and a nurse appointment fee that reflects the nature of the procedure. If you are a new patient looking to book a skin check, please book the 30 minute full body skin check.

Appointment Type – Skin Checks Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Spot check of 1-3 spots (15 mins) $73.40 $41.40 $32.00
Full body skin check (30 mins) $122.10 $80.10 $42.00

6. Cryotherapy (Freezing Warts with Liquid Nitrogen)

Appointment Type Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Cryotherapy – Single site $73.40 $41.40 $32.00
Cryotherapy – Multiple sites $122.10 $80.10 $42.00

7. Skin Procedures

Generally, our doctors will initially charge you a gap fee (as below). The full cost of a skin procedure is then determined based on the results of a biopsy. No skin procedures will be bulk-billed, payment is required on the day of the procedure and the clinic will organise for your Medicare rebate to be deposited into your nominated bank account overnight.

Standard Gap Discounted Gap Full fee
$80-100 $65-90 Determined by Medicare rebate
Based on biopsy result and other services provided

Some exceptions to this are:

  • Skin lesions removed for purely cosmetic reasons and cyst removal, in which case your doctor will provide you with a quote for their service at your initial consultation. There is no Medicare rebate for cosmetic services.
  • Simple diagnostic procedures (such as a punch biopsy without suturing) which may be billed wholly up front

8. Implanon

Appointment Type Standard Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Implanon Removal (without replacement) $183.25 $108.25 $75.00
Implanon Insertion $156.80 $91.80 $65.00
Implanon Removal and Replacement $254.45 $147.45 $107.00

If the patient is having their implant replaced with a new one they need to have one visit to obtain the prescription then a second to have the procedure performed on another day. Typically the appointment to get Rx and the actual implantation of the rod are performed on different days.

* Prices do not include the cost of devices/contraceptives, please see the section below for these costs

9. IUD (Mirena)

Appointment Type Standard Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Initial Consultation $122.10 $80.10 $42.00
IUD Insertion $250.00 $88.25 $161.75
IUD Kit (Consumables) $30.00 $0.00 $30.00
IUD Removal $122.10 $80.10 $42.00

Before the insertion procedure, you will need an appointment with your doctor to determine whether the IUD is appropriate for you. You will also need to determine whether the Mirena, Kyleena or Copper IUD is best for you. At that appointment, you will also receive a script for the IUD device. You will need to obtain the device from a pharmacy and bring it to your insertion appointment.

10. Iron/other Infusions

Standard Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
$214.35 $80.10 $134.25

11. Ear syringing

Appointment Type Total Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket Fee
Single Ear $74.75 $41.20 $32.00
Both Ears $121.70 $79.70 $42.00

Nurse wound care

We will continue to subsidise the provision of some basic dressings, however, Federal Government rules mean that when we provide specialised dressings we must charge you an out-of-pocket expense to cover the cost of these (which are provided at wholesale price) as well as the service provided by our nurses and doctors. Alternatively, you can provide your own dressings in which case there will be no out-of-pocket expense. For our DVA covered patients we may be able to provide you with a prescription for some dressings.

Out-of-Pocket Fee Full Fee
$10 + dressing cost Determined by Medicare rebate

12. Allied health fees – Dietician

Appointment Type Total Cost Medicare Rebate(with Team Care Arrangement) Out-of-Pocket Fee
Standard Consultation $100.00 $58.00 $42.00

13. Payment

Payment is required on the day of the consultation and can be made by cash (please bring exact amount – change cannot be provided), cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or Afterpay. We can send your Medicare claim electronically via Medicare Easyclaim (required an EFTPOS card) or Medicare patient claiming.

We offer a discounted fee ($22 gap) for pensioners and children under 16 in recognition of financial limitations faced by some of these patients.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for:

  • DVA card holders, for eligible services
  • Childhood immunisations with our practice nurse (existing patients/not travel vaccinations)
  • Nurse services (that do not include more expensive dressings)
  • Chronic disease care plans
  • Health assessments