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General Practitioner in Prahran

General Practitioners Near me | Prahran, Australia | 0370373955

General Practitioners (GP) operate as large multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). At Prahran Square Family Clinic in Prahran, a General Practitioner conducts regular meetings to discuss cases and plan joint approaches to coordinate packages of care.

General Practitioner in Prahran

Another crucial part of a GP’s work in Prahran is preventative medicine and health promotion. This can include clinics for child immunisations & smoking termination along with offering advice on lifestyle during a General Practitioner’s consultation. A General Practitioner in Prahran Square Family Clinic plays a vital role when it comes to safeguarding vulnerable children & adults, and inviting appropriate agencies as and when the need arises.

General Practitioner at Prahran Square Family Clinic

Prahran Square Family Clinic’s doctors, nursing and administrative staff are proud of our long standing consistent reputation as a team who focus on practising high quality care, using evidence based medicine, whilst paying particular attention to both acute & preventative health and continuity of care across our patients lifespan. GP’s at Prahran Square Family Clinic continue to be honoured as a model practice.

Aim of a General Practitioner At Prahran Square Family Clinic

We serve our community with an aim to provide them with the highest standard of patient care, incorporating a holistic approach towards diagnosis and management of illness. Since day one when Prahran Square Family Clinic came into being, we have been committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all patients. We believe in a policy of non-discrimination during the provision of our best care, and aim to treat all patients with due respect and dignity.


Our General Practitioners are dedicated to your confidential security & privacy of health information. Prahran Square Family Clinic’s GP at regular intervals take part in research, professional development and quality assurance. This might include the collection of patient data, which will always be de-identified & those involved in analysis of data would not be able to identify which patient has been included.

Your Words Are Valuable For Us

If you feel that there is any way in which GP’s in Prahran Square Family Clinic can improve service delivery to you or if there are any problems you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to reach your favourite General Practitioner at Prahran Square Family Clinic or tell our receptionist. We believe that problems are best dealt with within the practice.